The Droll Dunderhead Duo

Barnacle Bill

Here is the link to the Barnacle Bill song for those wanting a good laugh.

Scene 1: Act 1
The Journey Begins

Our story begins at a small cozy inn called the King’s Road Inn. Two of the adventures, Aurora and Balasar, are confronted at the bar by Malara, a cleric of Pelor. The cleric stairs at a full drink in front of her that was bought for her by a tall, skinny, greasy haired man wearing a green mud smeared tunic. Marla looks over at the gentlemen who bought her the drink and he shoots a smarmy smile her direction. The cleric thinks to herself, “I’m not sure what he expects to get from my by buying a drink. Maybe this bloke does not know the vows a cleric of Pelor like myself takes.”

Aurora a female long-tooth shifter sits at the bar with a gray scaled stout male dragon-born. The two appear to be talking to the innkeeper but the dragon-born looks at though she is communicating to the innkeeper by giving the shifter hand signals for she is a mute. The farmhouse inn is quiet this evening with only a few patrons scattered throughout the dining room.

Marla greets the two adventurers sitting at the bar as though they were long expected guests. The cleric tells the two about a death cult of feisty kobolds that she needs their help expelling from the countryside.

After Malara leaves the greasy haired gentlemen named Halstorm introduces himself to the to two at the bar. They happen to all be going in the same direction so they overpay for a nights stay and leave together in the morning to Winterhaven.

On their way to Winterhaven, the adventurers take a d-ture down towards the river and see a large group of kobolds doing things that normally kobolds. The wise wizard Halstorm suggests that they leave and make their way to Winterhaven like originally planned. Making it back to the road the group of awesome adventuress are ambushed by a small band of kobolds. Kobold_2.png

During the battle Aurora takes a spear to the side and begins to bleed through her armor. Balasar is hit several times and starts to bleed from the head. Aurora quickly heals Balasar of his serious wounds.

Arrows come flying out from the woods and takes down two very week kobolds. A fairy/pixie thing floats out from the forest, laughing while saying, “Kobolds bad, die, die, die”.

Aurora takes another hit and is immobilized. Things don’t look too good for this maid of Pelor. FYI – maid = cleric.

After taking out two kobolds, Halstorm shoots two magic missiles from his hands and kills a third kobold. The last words of the kobold? “Irontooth I’ve failed you”

Halstorm, “Yes you have.”

Balasar who hates kobolds with a passion and is a mute, giggles in silence.

“Hello there. I’m Mothball. Kobolds destroy beautiful forest. I kill them.” The pixie introduces himself as Mothball and eagerly joins the group in hopes that they will help kill more kobolds.

Later that day…

The group enters through the gate of Winterhaven with Halstorm and Mothball heading to the shops while Aurora and Balasar go to see Lord Pendrag to discuss the kobold attacks.

At the inn Hal sings a rousing chorus of Barnacle Bill the Sailor at the local tavern while Mothball gets drunk.

Halstorm was asked to find out what happened to Douvenstaul, a local farmer. Douvenstals wife is worried sick about what could have happened to him. Halstorm was promised from Valthrun, the old man who lives at the tower in Winterhaven, to show Hal his rare magical items that he has procured over time.


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